Thanks, I will be referring everyone to you

I just wanted to share with you all the responses I'm getting on my website.

I was on 2 different blog talk shows this week, and each time the hosts got on my site (during the call) and went crazy over the beauty of the site.

A couple different callers even commented on the colors and the incredible mandala. I just had to tell you what a phenomenal job you both did... I am so proud of it!

I will be referring everyone to you.

Rebecca Grado  []

Responsive, knowledgeable, insightful...

Bob and I are delighted with the service we have received from both Bram and Gaelyn Larrick.

Bram helped us fix a multitude of issues with another designer’s (work on our) website. He not only made the site functional but shared insights and recommendations to up level our site.

He has empowered us, saved us time and money and been on our team all the way. Bram recently worked with us to produce a brand new website and double-teamed with Gaelyn to produce a gorgeous banner.

They both were able to deeply understand the message we wanted to convey, capture the mood and intent exactly and produce a unique and memorable site.

Responsive, knowledgeable, insightful – Bram and Gaelyn know their craft. We recommend them very highly indeed.

Patricia & Bob Ronzio  []

The communication gap in India was tremendous

I am writing to thank you for your expertise in Joomla and your reasonable pricing. A friend told me about a web site building service in India that could cheaply build my site. As I told you it was quite the nightmare. The people were nice yet the communication gap was tremendous. I spent over a month trying to get them to understand my design through emails and 3:00AM skype sessions. It was a disaster and ended up costing more money.

When I found you on Google search, I was very leery after my recent experience with India. Your knowledge of Joomla was wonderful and my site was up in a few days even though we had to start from scratch. Your Joomla teaching session was also very useful. Joomla is a user friendly program and once you learn how to navigate, anyone can build their own professional site.

The minimal money I spent with you allows me to work at my own pace and continue to create professional pages. I hope my thoughts can reach a few other people who are contemplating the cheap route overseas route.

Gregory Talbot

Truly authentic and caring

Bram is a truly authentic, caring individual who wants to make the client independent, happy and successful.

In no time he had a beautiful, elegant and highly functional web site in place and spent close to two hours immediately after to teach me how to use it.

I would recommend Bram to anyone wanting to have a presence on the web, and be noticed in no time! — Lauretta Zuchetti

Will actually pick up the phone when I call...

After a nightmare with my previous designer it was such a relief to find you.

You certainly have the design chops to build a great looking site... but just as important, will actually pick up the phone and speak with me when I call. — Lisa Long

We would have failed with our initial site concept...

Now that I see what is possible, it's clear we would have utterly failed with our initial site concept.

You brought more than just the ability to put Web elements together, we now have a strategy to succesfully communicate our message to the world. — Terry Bohn

Within several hours we were back up...

When I called Bram my previous designer had screwed up so badly my site wasn't even working.

Within several hours we were back up with a new host and a beautiful new look! — Randy Cunningham

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