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Joomla Blogging: Use WordPress in Joomla

by Bram
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Jun 02, 2013 Category Joomla Extensions

I've tried a number of blogging solutions for Joomla over the years, and I've settled on EasyBlog. (the one used for this site, and I LOVE it much more than WordPress) But, many users prefer WordPress because they are used to it, or because someone they trust told them that's what they should be using.

CorePHP just came out with a solution that incorporates a WordPress blog into your Joomla Web installation. You check it out here, or read on for more info.

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EasyBlog - the best blogging extension for Joomla?

by Curated
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May 31, 2011 Category Joomla Extensions

easyblogWe use EasyBlog for this blog, and we'll be writing a more in depth review soon. In the meantime, if you are looking for a full featured blog solution for your Joomla site, look no further. I've used MyBlog, K2, Joomla's blog layout, as well as TypePad and WordPress on non-Joomla blogs, and I like this the best BY FAR!

It's easy to use, and has many features that make life easier for the blogger who doesn't have a lot of time to kill writing and posting blog posts. Check it out here.

Tags: joomla extensions, joomla blogging extension
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Best Extensions

The Joomla Extensions listed below are some that we highly recommend.

  1. Easy Blog ($) The best blogging solution for Joomla [review]
  2. WordPress for Joomla ($) If you don't want to use Easy Blog, try this. [review]
  3. JomSocial ($) Build a social network
  4. JoomlaMailer (free) Brings a MailChimp interface to your site.
  5. ccNewsletter ($) An extremely easy to use newsletter component
More to come soon.

SEO Tools

Some of the best resources for better ranking of your sites.

  1. Keyword Density (free) Tried but true way to get the details for on page keyword densities
  2. SEO in Practice ($) An easy to follow, DIY Guide On Search Engine Optimization
  3. SEO Powersuite ($) SEO We've used this for years. It's the de facto standard software for anyone who promotes websites.
  4. Rank Tracker ($) SEO tool designed to research keywords and track search engine rankings. Is included in SEO Powersuite, this link is for for the stand alone version
  5. SEO Spyglass ($) Have you ever wondered why your competitors are ranked #1 in major search engines, while your own site is stuck on page 24 in Google? Not anymore! SEO SpyGlass will take the mystery out of why your competition are ranking well -- instantly! Copy them and watch your rank increase.
  6. Directory Maximizer ($) Slick, easy to manage way to get hundres of links in Web directories

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Web Hosting

These are among the best Hosts for trouble free Joomla sites.

Hostgator - The biggest and possibly the best for most sites. Great prices, unlimited domains, bandwidth and storage, and supurb tech support.

Lunar Pages - A very good host, very compatible with Joomla. (as you may know, not all are) Great prices, expecially by the year, and unlimited domains, bandwidth and storage