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Many of the inquiries we receive are for Joomla site rescues where the original designer has vanished, is unresponsive, or not up to the task.

We have always been able to help, and in many cases get a non-functioning site up and running within hours. But in case you are reading this before something like this happens, here are a two helpful tips.

  1. Super Administrator - While things are still on good terms with your designer, have them create an extra Super Administrator user account, and keep the login info in a safe place. Many Joomla administrators disappear taking the only Super Admin login with them. We can usually get around this, but you can save yourself valuable time and money with this simple precaution. (Of course if your designer goes rogue, and is vindictive, they will make sure to delete these access points before they leave, which leads to the next suggestion.)
  2. Site Backup - Have your administrator install a good Joomla back up extension (we recommend Akeeba Backup) and use it to back up your site and database regularly. Make sure you have a recent backup file stored safely on your computer. Your site site can usually be put up on a new host/server within an hour or so with this backup file. This is a good idea even if you're in no danger of losing your administrator.

Hopefully, your Joomla experience will be problem free and satisfying. We're here to help if you need anything.

Best wishes,
Bram Larrick

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